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Annie-Mae Allure

Headlining the Paradise on Parade April 1st

Annie-Mae Allure, Kansas City's Animated Burlesque Star, is an award winning and internationally traveled performer known for her high energy acts and powerhouse vocals. She is the executive producer of the Kansas Nerdlesque Festival and the Rude Revue. Catch her with Vamp on 1st Fridays at Lifted Spirits, the SMUT Variety Show on Thursdays at Missie Bs, and every Wednesday at Woody's for karaoke.

The Risquettes

The Risquettes

Our Revelrous Team

Our Risquettes are a select group of performers who form the foundation of our shows. They assist in setting up shows with our Producer and help spread the word of Risqué Revelry. You will likely see those familiar faces throughout the year as we try to have each show as a hybrid including both Risquettes and rotating performers. 

Once a year we hold virtual auditions to add people to our Risqué Revelry team. Although our normal themed show submissions will not be turned down for a lack of video, troupe auditions are required to have at least (2) videos to be considered.

Baby Doll-2_edited.jpg

Baby Doll

A fifteen year veteran performer, Miss BabyDoll burst onto the burlesque stage in 2022.  Packing more giggles by the wiggles in her luscious five-foot-one frame, BabyDoll makes audiences fall in love with her enthusiasm and personality as much as her curves.  With her best friend, Ülla La, and mentored by the fantastic Miss Knotty Orchid, BabyDoll is ready to find the next level for her burlesque performances.

Ember Ashburn-2_edited.jpg

Ember Ashburn

Ember Ashburn has been a stage dancer and hula hooper for many raves and festivals, plus has a background in gymnastics, mime, theatre, music, and burlesque. Past credits of note include Fake Off (truTV), Global Dance Festival, KC Burlesque Festival, and Fringe Festival. Some of her model work has been displayed in galleries from New York to LA.

Naja Venim-1_edited.jpg

Naja VeNim

Naja VeNim is new as a performer, but by name only. Her face has been around KC and neighboring areas since she was very young. Naja has always had a flare for the dramatic – whether comedic, daring, evil, heroic, or sultry, she has found her happy place in performing. As a member of the LBGTQ+ community and an escapee ex-Mormon, she is excited to continue spreading awareness and acceptance by way of her performances for the LGBTQ+, Trans, POC, and Indigenous peoples through burlesque and as a Risqué Revelry troupe member. This basilisk babe has always been known to be a bit of a passionate hot headed rebel. She's fierce, fiery, and gives no fucks!

Psyren Damson-2_edited.jpg

Psyren Damson

On the suggestion of a friend, Psyren walked through a pink door in Nashville, TN into her very first burlesque class in 2015 thinking this would be a unique, fun way to get some exercise. With absolutely no dance experience or performance background, she never imagined she had it in her to be an actual burlesque performer. In 2016 she moved to Lawrence, KS and began taking more classes. Now a seasoned ecdysiast, she's performed numerous shows across the midwest. As she continues to learn and grow her skills, she hopes to take her sultry, classic vibe to audiences everywhere.

Ulla La-2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ulla La

Ülla La saw her first burlesque show in 2014 and began taking lessons immediately. She began as a stage kitten and had her debut performance in May of 2015. Ülla La’s first act was to "Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart" from the animated movie musical, Anastasia. This act remains as Ülla's favorite because of its adorable charm and high energy. Miss Ülla La has been performing burlesque for almost a decade now and really enjoys showing you her ass…ets. She has performed throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas and hopes to travel even farther! Risqué Revelry’s own Sweet Choquette Coquette, a beloved ingenue of Kansas City — Ooh La La it's Ülla La!

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