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Meet the Producer

Knotty Orchid

Knotty Orchid has been sashaying her way through burlesque stages since 2018. A seasoned model and performer who knows her way in front of and behind the stage. She fell in love with the art form that was both physically and emotionally liberating and she is ecstatic to create a safe space for other ecdysiasts and variety performers.

Proud of her Native Hawaiian and Puerto Rican heritage, burlesque gives her the space and audience to share her people’s story as it is meant to be told. She is Risqué Revelry’s Mistress of the Mic for most shows, but every so often she’ll add her own vintage flair and hair that don’t care to our stage.

About Risqué Revelry

The mission of Risqué Revelry is to make a safe place for Burlesque and Variety performers to experiment with their art and feel empowered with what they bring to our humble stage. Our focus is make our shows diverse in talent and culture, as well as set the standard for body positivity in Kansas City.


History of Risqué Revelry

Established by Knotty Orchid in 2021 right in the heart of Kansas City, we have been cultivating and curating diverse shows each month. Though we highlight burlesque in particular we also like to expand to other performance arts and really dig into the vaudeville roots. We function as a hybrid show, half of the monthly cast is made up of standing troupe members and the other half is made up of revolving cast either hand-picked or chosen via submission casting every other month.

Risqué Revelry even got a bit of press in the June online edition of VoyageKC Magazine while interviewing our producer. Our aim is to make Risqué Revelry a household name in the arts community and we do hope to see you at (or in) one of our shows soon!

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Burlesque Etiquette and FAQs

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Q: What is Burlesque?

A: Burlesque is a long standing performance art that has roots in 16th century Italy and more recently the American Vaudeville scene. Modern burlesque is predominantly defined by a performer sashaying to music of their choice as they tantalize, tease, scare, and perform some tomfoolery on stage while stripping.

Q: I am planning to go to my first burlesque show, what should I expect?

A: The cast will include an array of performers from Femme, Masc, to anything in between. Some performers will be traditional burlesque performers and some may even spin poi or do bellydance. So keep an open mind to what you may or may not see. We like a loud crowd so don’t be shy about cheering and clapping when you like something on stage. 

Q: Can I touch the performers?

A: Not without enthusiastic, verbal consent. Likewise the performers will refrain from touching audience members unless they have the same enthusiastic, verbal consent.

Q: Is tipping allowed?

A: Tipping is encouraged. Rhinestones aren’t cheap and every dollar helps pay the performers a decent wage for the night and helps keep the Risqué Revelry show running every month! We take cold hard cash as well as some digital payments!

Q: Do performers get naked?

A: Short answer: no. We have to abide by county and state Blue Laws. In Missouri that means pasties for our nipples and a thong for our lower bits.


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