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Every other month we host themed shows that have open submissions for any performer to submit either a detailed description about their act or a video of it. Although preference is for video in order to see how you perform and take space on a stage (whether in a show or your living room) an act will not be turned down just because of the lack of video.

You are also more than welcome to send us an email with your interest to please make sure the title is written as such: “Show Audition: [Performer Name]” This will help us identify the email and person quickly. If emailing please let us know what role you would like to be considered for (Performer, Kitten, Volunteers). Please also include social media handles and a clear photo of you (to help connect names to faces). If you have a video of an act you want to show us by all means add that. Anyone auditioning to perform will be asked for a sample video of their act or a detailed description.

A detailed description should include song title and artist, the mood of your act, and a quick breakdown of what you will be doing. If you need examples of what this looks like please email us and we would be happy to provide assistance!

Each themed show audition will have a specialty google form created with the link to that form on instagram and on facebook so we can reach as many possible applicants.

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